Water and Sewer Charges

All accounts are  charged the appropriate base rate plus the per 1000 gallon usage amount.

Your utility bill can now be paid by credit or debit card

online — go to the “Pay Utility Bill Online” subtab,

by phone — at 741-2353,

or in person at the Town Hall office.

The charges for water and sewer are detailed below.  Most residential accounts are 3/4″ line with a base charge of $23.15 water and $16.65 sewer per month.

Water System

Street Opening for Connection                             $1250.00 plus material

Rates:                                                                     Base Charge/Month

5/8 X 3/4″ line                                                      $ 29.04

1″ line                                                                   $ 51.98

1-1/2 inch                                                             $ 116.17

2″ line                                                                   $ 207.36

Per Gallon Rate:                                                 $2.00/1000 gallons

Availability fee:                                                  Same as base charge/month

Restoration of Service                                      $ 10.00 per occurrence

Meter Deposit                                                    $ 75.00 maximum

Late Fee:                                                              $ 10.00

Reconnect Fee after delinquent termination         $50.00

After Hours Reconnect following  Delinquent termination:  $75.00

If during the winter months residential meters are not read, the usage will be estimated  based upon the previous year’s use.  All meters will be read after the winter months and additional charges or credits will be given.  The winter months will be established as September 16th to March 16th of each year.  First reading in spring will be approximately April 16th.

Sewer System

Street Opening for Connection                          $1250 Plus Materials

Rates are based on the size of the water meter as follows:

Rates:                                                                     Base Charge/Month

¾ inch                                                                    $ 24.91

1 inch                                                                     $ 44.59

1 ½  inch                                                                $ 99.64

2 inch                                                                     $ 177.86

Unmetered residential                                       Base charge +

1 person-1500 gal.    $2.05/1000 gal

2 person-3000 gal                same

4-6 person-6000 gal             same

Late fee:                                                                  $ 10.00

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