December 2020 Minutes

Meeting was held via Zoom

CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:01 pm  

ROLL CALL Stelter, Weatherly, Graham, Smith, Woods, Gray

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Smith/Stelter 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS Smith/Stelter  Woods explained the increase in expense in water tests.  He and Mike had decided to test for things that had been waived in the past to ensure we have good water.  4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS Financial reports are not complete. Gray had been speaking with the auditor to make sure Covid money was put into proper accounts.  


MAYOR- Engineers from Morrision Maierle were in town doing on site work on the Capital Improvement plan. They reported that people were coming out and talking to them on the streets. They are starting to get a few things put together on the well plan.  They need to have a meeting at some point with Dan Depoe. Woods discussed covid money that was available. Amy has been looking into different ways for the town to find it. The money has to be spent by December 31st. One of the guys we know on the County side called and told us there was money out there for county ambulances.  Amy wrote a letter for out city ambulance anyways and put in for preapproval for Covid money for a powerload system and gurney, a heart monitor and LUCAS devices for both ambulances.  The 12 lead will be able to transmit from a house to the hospital. We received the preapproval letter for $103,000.00.  This money will have to be spent by the end of the month so we will have to have a special meeting to approve this. The plow truck is done and will be here next week. This is a Sander, dump box and plow and is being paid for partially with grant money, loan money and cash from the town.  We have been dealing with the auditor and Woods stated he is not happy. It was supposed to be done months ago. The auditor stated she was waiting on the court stuff to get fixed. We have done as much as we can with the court stuff at this time and were going to take the hit on the audit. She came and met with Amy and now it turns out she still has a lot more to do on it that has nothing to do with the court. 

PUBLIC WORKS- Public works has been very busy the past couple of weeks. They have been jetting a few lines. There is currently no discharge at the lagoons. Since we drained pond one completely, it is taking awhile to fill back up and discharge through the weir. Mark has been making sure to sand the hills to keep them safe. We are pouring new concrete in the valve boxes, and Mikes been doing a lot of testing and working on water and sewer connections. 

FIRE DEPT- there have been a few slide offs, no fires

POLICE- the police have been very busy. The written report was presented, Gary has been in quite a bit with Logan and Eric gone. 

LIBRARY- presented by Starla

ZONING COMPLIANCE- Woods asked questions of the council about their previous talks of legalized marijuana in town and what they had discussed about medical marijuana stores.  He thought they had started to do an ordinance in 2011. Leslee said she was on the planning board when this was being discussed too and that they decided the Tribe had first priorities on the laws because we are on the reservation. 

 The owner of the tribal nutrition center came in and asked about building 2 story silo houses on the property to use as rentals.  He was giving the zoning ordinances and discussed his plans with Amy. He will bring in more detailed plans if he decides to move forward with this. Bucks also brought in a zoning compliance permit for the freezer unit they are putting on the back of Bucks Grocery.



Mayor wage increase- Stelter had requested to increase the Mayors wages to at least $600.00. It has been the same for years. Smith recommended $700.00.  Amy explained that she thought they should include that any new incoming mayor should start at the $500.00.  Stelter made a motion to increase Mayor Woods wage to $700.00 per month seconded Smith .  4-0 pass

Water/Sewer Operator wage increase-  Woods explained that Mike had passed both the water and the wastewater tests and when he was hired they discussed increasing his wage to $15.00 per hour.  Motion to increase Mike Gray to $15.00 per hour made by Smith seconded by Stelter  4-0 pass

Employee additional pay- Woods explained that through all of the Covid shut downs all of our employees continued to come to work. He said employees that went to work got the shaft. All of them stuck it out, wore masks when they needed to and came in the entire time during this pandemic. He would like the council to give them a one time bonus of $500.00 for full time employees and $250.00 for part time employees.  Motion made by Stelter seconded by Weatherly   4-0 pass


ADJOURN  Meeting adjourn at 7:33 pm  Graham/ Weatherly 4-0 pass