Board of Adjustments

The Board of Adjustments meets as needed to review zoning compliance applications denied by the zoning compliance officer.  The Board consists of 5 members, appointed by the mayor for a term of  three years each.

In summation, The Board of Adjustments has the following power:

1. Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in the enforcement of zoning regulations;

2.  Hear and decide exceptions to zoning regulations;

3. Authorize upon appeal in specific cases such variances from zoning regulations;

4.Recommend to the Town Council changes in district boundaries or regulations.

5.  Adopt rules and regulations necessary to zoning regulations;

6.  Recommend to the Town Council use, height, and area restrictions within annexations.

For a full list of Appointment and Powers, see Chapter 2.28 of Title 2-Administrative Personnel in the Town Ordinance Book


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