November 2020 Minutes

Meeting was be held via Zoom

CALL TO ORDER- by Mayor Woods at 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL- Present Stelter, Graham, Weatherly, Woods    Arriving late- Smith

Also Present- Gray, Rice

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES- Stelter/ Weatherly  3-0 pass  prior to Smith arrival

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS-  Smith/ Stelter  4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS for August and September –  Stelter/Smith 4-0 pass


MAYOR- We will have a meeting on the Capital Improvement Plan on November 10, 2020 The public is encouraged to attend and may attend either in person or via zoom. We will have plenty of space for in person meeting to allow for social distancing.   We put it for some Covid reimbursements.  We figured up all of the money we have spend since March on expenditures that we are allowed to claim reimbursements for and put in for all of it.  We received a little over $50,000 reimbursed to the Town. We will have other opportunities to apply for reimbursements again. We are looking at moving some of our money out of Valley Bank. FDIC insures $250,000 and Valley Bank has pledge an additional $400,000.  We now have $695,000 and may need to move some to another bank account we have in Plains in order to protect our money. We will look into that. Weatherly asked if the computers we are looking to buy for the police department would be reimbursable? Woods explained they likely would. We have to purchase them and then put in for reimbursement.  Wood also stated that we need to continue to work to protect the public. 

PUBLIC WORKS Public works has been really busy. They were trimming trees the first of the month, and now plowing snow.  Our plow policy is if we have 3” we try to get out right away.  They have also been working on signs and working on the roads.  They are going to try to do some more potholes tomorrow.  The new oil is an emulsion oil and you can use it on wet roads. They are also working on the bathroom at the city shop.

FIRE DEPT has been pretty slow this past month. 

POLICE Woods read the police department report. He also explained that there was a homicide in town and that he and Eric had discussed the issues with previous cases around the county so when Eric determined this call was a homicide he immediately contacted Helena and got a homicide detective here to investigate this case. The police department has been extremely busy. The same week as the homicide, there was a second homicide in Paradise and the suspect in that one drove to Hot Springs and turned herself in to our police officer. There was also a questionable death out at Wildhorse. 

COUNCIL- Stelter stated that he would like to give the Mayor a raise at the next meeting and requested that the clerk put it on the agenda. 

CLERK- Gray explained to Starla that there was transfer from cash account to debit card account due to the fact that the mission valley power bill had been paid by debit card and it would be the same for November as well. 

LIBRARY- Starla presented the library report and answered questioned that were asked at the previous meeting regarding the hot spots. They had been offered to the school and the library did not hear back so they were going to use them for library patrons at this point. 

  • Council meeting was interrupted at this point by a call from the Sanders County Sheriffs office to clerk.  Mayor was requested for a broke down school bus with kids on it.  Mayor advised we would need to move the remainder of the meeting along very quickly but we would finish since there was just one agenda item.  



PURCHASE NEW COMPUTERS FOR POLICE DEPARTMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS- Woods explained that we would like to get new computers for the police department and for Public works for a total of four new computers. An estimate from first call was provided but we have contacted Hot Springs Telephone Company for a quote as well and would like approval to purchase from HSTC if possible but First Call if needed. Motion to approve purchase of new computers made by Stelter, Seconded by Weatherly 4-0 pass

PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEM Woods asked if there was any public comment on non-agenda items. There was none. 


Weatherly/ Smith  4-0 pass

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