January 2021 Minutes

January 5, 2021  at 7:00 p.m. Meeting was held via Zoom

CALLED TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:04 pm

ROLL CALL Stelter, Smith, Westherly, Graham, Woods, Gray

Also Present via Zoom Mary Whitsett, Starla Rice, Ron Szmergalski

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Stelter/Smith 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS Discussion of Claim to Rehbien for purchase of Plow truck and Work Truck. Plow truck was purchased in part with grant and loan money from Rural development.  The work truck was purchased for the water and sewer operator with town funds. There is also a claim for $103,000.00 to Stryker. This was preapproved for reimbursement with cares funds.  Motion to approve claims made by Smith second by Weatherly 4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS for October and November presented.  Woods explained that the Town is in a good position financially.  Five years ago the Town would be negative at this time.  motion to approve financials for October and November made by Stelter second by Graham  4-0 pass


MAYOR– Woods reported that we got approval back from DEQ for changes to the Water project. The property where the well will be is going to have to be fenced.  We will need to grout 90 feet down instead of 30 ft, and there a few other things we need to deal with but nothing major.  We will need to meet with the land owner and discuss a well exclusion zone and talk about doing an updated survey of the property. 

We are working on the Capital Improvement Plan. The engineer came to town and did a street assessment and visited with people around town They ame back and followed up with plans for storm water and are trying to determine how much water is coming in. They are mainly looking at streets, driving surfaces, and off street parking surfaces and storm water direction. 

PUBLIC WORKS has gotten the new vehicles and are getting them set up and put together. They have been sanding and salting a little.  They are working on the city shop getting it ready for siding. They had to cut holes in the walls to blow in insulation. They are working on water valve caps and pouring concrete around them.  They have had to do some jetting.  Josh was here today to look at the electric upgrades to the fire department and city shop.

FIRE DEPT has been slow with just a couple of traffic accidents.

POLICE written report provided. 

CLERK Amy announced a training with Local Government Services that was sent out to council members 

LIBRARY- Report provided. Discussed the county error on under levy of mills for the library and what needs to be done. Amy recommended that the town carry the library in the event that they run short next year instead of having the county loan the money to the library.  Woods and Starla both expressed that it was a county error and the county should be responsible for fixing it. There would be more discussing next week at the library board meeting.  Randy and Amy will attend. 

ZONING COMPLIANCE- Woods has been discussing the possibility of annexing property into town.  Mains St liquor is putting in a storage unit out back.  Sewer lines up near Leslie’s house on the hill need to be extended. 



WATER PROJECT UPDATE- was given during Mayors report

SCHEDULE PUBLIC MEETING FOR CIP- Schedule CIP meeting for 6pm February 2nd, 2021. Prior to the regular town council meeting

ACCEPT RESIGNATION OF CITY JUDGE –Matt submitted his letter of resignation agreeing to stay on until a new judge could be found. Randy spoke with Thomas Collins, the Judge for Plains.  He would like to start immediately.  Collins had also applied and was interviewed when Matt was hired.    Motion to accept Pavelich resignation  Stelter/Smith 4-0 pass


Executive session to discuss resignation of town attorney.


FY20 AFR ADJUSTING ENTRIES Graham/ Stelter  4-0 pass   There will be a budget amendment necessary for this. 

FY20 AFR  Stelter/Weatherly   4-0 pass

CONTRACT WITH HOT SPRINGS TELEPHONE COMPANY FOR TECH SUPPORT  Smith/ Graham   3-0 pass   Weatherly abstain from voting as employee of phone company there may be a potential conflict of interest. 

PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEM Call for comment on nonagenda items by Mayor Woods, there was none. 


Weatherly/ Smith  4-0 pass   8:19 PM

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