May 2021 Minutes

TUESDAY MAY 4, 2021 



CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:09 PM. 

ROLL CALL- present Weather, Smith, Graham, Woods, Gray.  Absent- Stelter

Also present- Susan Welker, Mary Whitsett,Jerry Kontos, Scott and Ladonna Vollman, Starla Rice and Steven Sheffield.  Maura Williams joined at 8:00 pm

APPROVAL OF MINUTES Smith/ Weatherly  3-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS  Smith / Weatherly  3-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS – Financial reports from January, February and March were presented.  Motion to approve all made by Graham second by Smith 3-0 pass


MAYOR– Mayor Woods explained we are still dealing with some personnel issues and hope to have that resolved soon. We received one application for the permanent public works position, it was Dan Uski He will be hired as a regular employee of the town instead of temporary

PUBLIC WORKS- Public works is still working on building improvements and town clean up. With the weather improving, they will get the durapatcher out and work on street repairs. They are also going to be working a street sign project to put street signs at all of the intersections. Mike has been working on the CCR and a few other projects. He will be going to a class on June 2nd and is working with the State for the GIS mapping and GIS equipment.

FIRE DEPT-1 vehicle fire and couple of misc calls.  We have had several trainings the past couple of months and spent Saturday doing extrication training with the EMT class. Woods congratulated council member Graham for taking the class and passing, We have the state coming to do a training tomorrow for scene safety. Hot Springs Fire department is hosting  and will include Fire, Ambulance, Police, Sheriff Department and Highway Patrol. 

POLICE Written report presented by Mayor Woods

CLERK  Gray reported that she has a few trainings coming up for Clerks, Court and water and sewer

LIBRARY – report presented by Starla

ZONING COMPLIANCE- there are a lot of property owner changes in town. We are still trying to work on the camp trailer issues in town, one leaves and another one shows up. There are several building projects happening around town. Woods reminded everyone that you must build on your own property and follow the ordinances. It is important that you find your property pins.



DISCUSS SHOOTING RANGE- Woods explained the history of the shooting range. Several years ago it was put together by the town, NRA and FWP. The town owns 40 acres out of town where the range is located. The land used to be an old dump site. The town did most of the project and then turned it over to the shooting club. The shooting club had a 5 year agreement and that is over. The shooting club hasn’t gone after any grants and isn’t doing a very good job keeping up with grounds maintenance. Woods is wondering if the town should take it back over. The shooting range could still fund raise and use the facility, but the town would collect the fees and take over care of the facility. We need to be going after the grant money that is available. Big projects can be funded with grant money, day to day needs to be funded with the membership fees. 

Woods explained that the fees were originally $45 for individuals and $60 for families. The shooting club lowered those fees to $25 and $45.  Woods explained that Mike has some education for grant writing and should be able to write grants to NRA and FWP for the Town. Kontos expressed that he agrees it is difficult to keep up with needs of the range due to lack of participation of club members.  This will be a continued discussion. 

WATER PROJECT UPDATE- Woods gave update on water project. At this time the rig is broke down. They were supposed to be here last week but broke down so now we are hoping for next week. We need the well to be done so we know how much we have left to spend on the water tank and water line extension on A street. This project has been ongoing for 5 or 6 years with several setbacks.



Welker asked if there was anything being done about all of the loose dogs. 

Woods explained letters were sent out reminding people to license their dogs and the officers are going to be citing owners of loose dogs. 

Woods also mentioned that unlicensed vehicles left parked in town right of ways for extended period of time may also be cited. 

Mary asked about well 3

Woods explained that well 3 is in a zone that does not have a lot of water. Each well is in a different aquifer.  Well 2 usually has a slight sulfur smell. Well 1 is usually a littler cleaner with no smell.  The Well at the lagoons is not potable water. 

Woods called for any additional public comment or questions. There was none. 


8:20  pm   Weatherly/ Graham

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