Hot Water Plunges

There are 4 places in town to soak in the famous hot mineral waters .  Each place has its own character and amenities.  All outdoor soaking  pools are open year-round.

The historic Symes Hotel is located on Wall Street, two blocks north of Main Street.  The Symes offers a shabby-chic vs. art-deco atmosphere with an outdoor soaking pool, an outdoor warm water swimming pool, and private individual indoor tubs.  The Hotel rooms are offered with a private bath or with a shared bath down the hall.  There is also a small-town trendy restaurant which offers excellent food well into the evening hours.  A small cantina offers beer and wine beverages from some of the area breweries and vineyards.  Enjoy live music by visiting artists each Friday and Saturday evening in a pass-the-hat venue.  Massage is offered by appointment at 406.741.2361  Visit their website for more information.

Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat is located at 308 Spring Street North.  Alameda’s offers a 1930’s spa-motel that feature suites with hot mineral baths, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, along with a communal southern facing sun porch.  Although there is no outdoor communal pool, Alameda’s is located a short walk from the other soaking places.  Homemade breads and coffees are offered weekend mornings.  Massage is available by appointment at 406.741.2283  Visit their website for more information.

The Big Medicine Hot Springs is located on North Road approximately 1/2 mile east of Spring Street. There is an outdoor soaking pool open to the public for a daily fee.  Bring your own camper or tent, or rent one of the authentic tepees on the site. Please call first to verify availability at 406.741.5140.

Rose’s Plunge can be found just west of Big Medicine in the old Camas Recreation Center on the NW corner of Spring Street and North Road.  A outdoor pool offers hot mineral water soaking.

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