October 2021 Minutes

Minutes for public hearing October 5, 2021

Called to order by Mayor Woods at 7:02 pm 

Present: Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith, Ed Weatherly, Crystal Graham, Randy Woods, Amy Gray

Also Present: Jim Arestad, Maura Williams, Stephen Sheffield, Starla Rice, Bradley Pride

RESOLUTION No. 2022-04R  AUTHORIZATION TO SUBMIT MCEP INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING GRANT APPLICATION was read aloud by Mayor Woods. MCEP used to be TSEP grant. Woods explained the need for Sewer PER, MCEP would provide the funds for this. The PER needs to be in place in order to qualify for other funding sources. Call for public comment, there was none. 


AN ORDINANCE TO ALLOW GOLF CARTS ON STREETS WITHIN THE TOWN OF HOT SPRINGS- Read aloud by Mayor Woods. Council Discussion- Stelter would like to have the requirement for a driver’s license removed. Amy stated she had talked with Eric and he recommended requiring drivers to be licensed. Starla explained she had seen a child, maybe 6 years old driving a golf cart earlier that day with several other children in the golf cart. Stelter explained he wanted the Ordinance to require the drivers be at least 16 years old. Woods stated he didn’t think we would need a drivers license if the driver had to be 16.  He suggested getting the opinion of the town’s attorney in this matter. Call for public comment, there was no additional public comment. 

Public hearing closed at 7:20 pm

Minutes of October 5, 2021 Town Council Meeting
Meeting was held at Hot Springs Town Hall and via Zoom immediately following public hearing. 

CALL TO ORDER- by Mayor Woods at 7:20 pm

ROLL CALL Present: Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith, Ed Weatherly, Crystal Graham, Randy Woods, Amy Gray

Also Present: Jim Arestad, Maura Williams, Stephen Sheffield, Starla Rice, Bradley Pride

MINUTES- Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting Smith/Stelter 4-0 pass 

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS Smith/ Stelter  4-0 pass. Discussion about Sonic Wall. Amy spoke with Timothy at Hot Springs Telephone Company. He was able to provide the same Sonic Wall for significantly less than First Call quoted. Mike went to training at Fairmont to a Chlorine class. We have been discussing switching from the chlorine tablets to liquid chlorine. Our current system keeps plugging the injector line because it does not dissolve completely. This was a good class for him to attend. 

FINANCIAL REPORTS are not available. Will be complete by next meeting


MAYOR- The excavator was delivered and paid for.  There was some controversy the day it arrived. When it got here we realized our trailer wasn’t big enough to haul it. The salesman told us he had a trailer coming back because the guy wanted a dump trailer. The trailer is only 6 months old, and we could get it immediately. When he brought it to drop it off, there was no bill of sale and no title. There were some communication problems back and forth between Amy, the salesman and the trailer owner and come to find out the guy had never licensed it so he didn’t have a title back. Amy told him we had to have a title before we would give him the check for the trailer. We are getting things worked out, he has not yet been paid. Then, Mike was using the excavator and the thumb broke off. Mike has been dealing directly with Torgersons and not the salesman. Randy has been in contact with the owner and regional sales rep and they are not happy with the salesman’s actions.

PUBLIC WORKS -trying to get street signs put up, finish city shop siding, patching more potholes. Mark has been sick twice for a week at a time.

FIRE DEPT- has been slow. We had a fire in Dry Fork area over the weekend. A crew working up there built a fire to cook lunch and didn’t put it out all the way. It is still really dry even though it is open burning. We have had 6 or 7 car vs animal calls this past month as well. 

POLICE- Report presented by Woods

CLERK- Commodities truck needs a place to set up on October 20th and asked about using the fire hall. It would be one time only.  They would need to be out by close of business. They are looking for other options, but this would be a last choice option if they can’t find somewhere else to do it. 

LIBRARY – Starla presented library report

Amy reported that there will be fire training in front of the library on October 30th. The burn trailer will be here for training at 10 am. 

ZONING COMPLIANCE- Woods reported on several items that have come up in the past month. We have been approached by a property owner to annex 5 acres into town at the end of Jaques Rd. known as Harmony Hills. They are also asking about putting in several water and sewer connections and subdividing into 5 to 7 lots. We have a several questions about their intentions, can the lots be separated, they have to follow all residential zoning rules regarding the buildings on the property. Who will be responsible for road development or road maintenance. We are arranging a meeting to discuss these issues. 

We have also had issues with people storing unused and unlicensed vehicles on the town right of ways. We were dealing with a sewer problem at a property and the neighbor had a vehicle parked over the manhole and a wood pile blocking access at the other end. If there was a fire or anything we wouldn’t have access so we had to make them move stuff. This is a concern in several areas of town and Mayor Woods states he has asked the police officers to address these issues. 




NEW WATER AND SEWER CONNECTION FEE – Woods explained that currently we charge $1250 for new water and new sewer connections and then have to figure out extra fees for meter pit and parts etc, it is difficult to give a definitive price. We bring water and sewer line to the property. It is the property owners responsibility to get it from the main to their house. Woods suggest $3500 for water and an additional fee for lines beyond 100 feet of $20 per foot. And $2500 for sewer and an additional fee beyond 20 feet of $30 per foot. Council discussion only, will have resolution at next meeting.

PERSONNEL HANDBOOK REVISION- last meeting we discussed the police commission. Police fall back under same grievance procedure and anything that pertained to the police commission has been removed from the personnel handbook.

GOLF CART ORDINANCE- Remove mandatory driver’s license requirement and add that the driver must be 16 years old. Approve first reading with changes Smith/Stelter 4-0 pass

PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS- Woods called for public comment of non-agenda items. There was none. 


Graham/Weatherly  4-0 pass

Dated this _________________Day of ________________________

Attest_______________________                 Signed____________________________

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